UBC Grids

Leapfrog Geo imports UBC grids in *.msh format, together with numeric values in properties files in *.gra, *.sus, *.mag and *.den formats. UBC grids can be evaluated against geological models and interpolants, which can then be exported with the grid.

Importing a UBC Grid

To import a UBC grid, right-click on the Block Models folder and select Import UBC Model. In the window that appears, click Browse to locate the file to be imported. Click Add to add any properties file, although these are not required.

For any properties file, click the Inactive Value field to mark cells as inactive. Doing so does not change the data but ensures that cells with the inactive value can be hidden when the grid is displayed in the scene. If you do not set this value when importing the grid, you can set it later by double-clicking on the grid in the project tree.

Click Import. The grid will appear in the Block Models folder.

Evaluating UBC Grids

UBC grids can be evaluated against geological models and interpolants as described in Evaluations. However, UBC grids cannot be evaluated against fault blocks and mutli-domained interpolants, although they can be evaluated against the parent geological model and the parent interpolant.

Mapping Category Evaluations

When a UBC grid is exported with a category evaluation, category data is mapped to an editable numeric value. You can edit this by double-clicking on the grid in the project tree, then clicking on the Export Mappings tab:

Change the numeric value assigned to each lithology, if required. You can also change the value assigned to blocks that have no lithology.

The Export Mappings tab does not appear for UBC grids that have no geological model evaluations.

Exporting a UBC Grid

To export a UBC grid, right-click on it in the project tree and select Export. Select the evaluations to export with the grid, then select a folder. Click OK to export the grid.