Importing Planned Drillholes

Planned deep drillholes cannot be imported into Leapfrog Geo.

Leapfrog Geo imports planned drillholes from files in CSV format. The columns expected are:

  • A drillhole identifier
  • X-Y-Z coordinates for the planned drillhole
  • Azimuth
  • Dip
  • Lift rate
  • Drift rate
  • Distance
  • Extension
  • Target Depth
  • Comment

To import planned drillholes, right-click on the Planned Drillholes folder and select Import Planned Drillholes. If the IDs in the file are already in the project, you will be prompted to resolve the conflict:

You can:

  • Rename the imported drillholes. Leapfrog Geo will automatically assign new names and import the planned drillholes.
  • Exclude planned drillholes that already exist in the project. Planned drillholes will only be imported if they have an identifier that does not already exist in the project.
  • Replace existing planned drillholes with the imported drillholes. Use this option if you are importing information previously exported from the project and subsequently updated in an external application.

Click OK to process the file.

If there are no conflicts, the planned drillholes will be imported and added to the Planned Drillholes folder.