Adding Planned Drillholes

To plan a drillhole, first add the data objects to the scene that you will use in helping to define the drillhole, such as the topography and any existing drillholes. Next, right click on the Planned Drillholes folder and select Plan Drillhole. In the window that appears, you can define the drillhole by specifying its collar or its target:

You can change whether Collar or Target is selected when this window is opened by clicking on the Defaults button. See Planning Options.

A name is automatically generated for the new planned drillhole based on the IDs in the collar table. If there is more than one phase available, you can select a different phase from the dropdown list.

There are three ways to define the drillhole collar or target:

  • Click in the scene to set the collar or target location. First, click on the Select button () for the Collar or Target, then click in the scene to define the Collar or Target. The drillhole will appear in the scene and you can adjust the coordinates using the controls in the Drillhole Planning window. Click the Slice along drillhole button to draw a slice in the scene. This is useful in adjusting the drillhole path and in defining subsequent drillholes.
  • Draw the drillhole in the scene. Click on the Select button () for the Collar or Target, then click and drag in the scene to define a basic path for the drillhole. If you are defining the drillhole from the collar down, click first on or near the topography. Likewise, if you are defining the drillhole from the target up, click first at or near the target point.
  • Enter the coordinates for the Collar or the Target in the Drillhole Planning window.

Clicking the Move collar onto the Topography button adjusts the elevation of the drillhole so that it lies on the topography.

Click the Next Hole button to create another planned drillhole. The new planned drillhole will be created at a specific distance from the currently displayed planned drillhole using the Path settings for the currently displayed drillhole. The distance is determined by the Offset To Next Hole settings in the Drillhole Planning Options window. See Planning Options.

Once you have specified the collar or target, adjust the drillhole path:

  • Lift is how much the drillhole deviates upward.
  • Drift is how much the drillhole deviates laterally.
  • Leapfrog Geo automatically calculates the Depth value when the drillhole is defined by the Target location.
  • Adding an End of hole length extends the drillhole past the Target location.

Planned drillholes will appear in the Planned Drillholes folder. You can change a planned drillhole by right-clicking on it and select Edit Drillhole.