Planning Options

When planning drillholes using the Drillhole Planning window, the Path values entered apply only to the current drillhole. If you wish to set default values for these parameters for new planned drillholes, either right-click on the Planned Drillholes folder and select Edit Planned Drillholes Defaults or click on the Defaults button in the Drillhole Planning window. The Drillhole Planning Options window will appear:

Select whether new planned drillholes are specified by the Collar or by the Target.

In the Drillhole Planning window, clicking Next adds a new planned drillhole. In the Drillhole Planning Options window, the Offset To Next Hole values determine how far the new planned drillhole is from the selected planned drillhole.

Enter the information required and click OK. The new settings will be applied to the next new planned drillhole added to the project.