Flow Modelling

Geological models created in Leapfrog Geo can be used as the basis for ModFlow and FEFLOW models. You can create flow models directly in Leapfrog Geo and assign hydrological/material properties based on the lithologies in the geological model. Flow models can be exported for use in other applications, and you can import existing flow models and use them as the basis for the construction of new models. Flow models can be displayed in the scene, and time-dependent data can also be visualised.

Working with ModFlow and FEFLOW models is available as part of the Hydrogeology module. Contact Customer Support as described in Getting Support for more information about licensing the Hydrogeology module.

If the Hydrogeology folder appears in the project tree as Restricted, you will be able to display models in the scene and change how they are displayed, but you will not be able to make changes to the models themselves.

All tools for building flow models are accessed by right-clicking on the Hydrogeology folder and the objects in it. Imported objects and objects created while building a flow model are also stored in the Hydrogeology folder, and more complex functions can be carried out by right-clicking on individual objects.