Interpolant Midpoints Export

To export interval midpoints from a numeric or indicator interpolant, right-click on the interpolant’s values object () and select Export. Interval midpoints can be exported in the following formats:

  • CSV text file (*.csv)
  • DXF file (*.dxf)
  • Snowden Supervisor CSV file (*.csv)
  • Isatis 3D points file (*.asc)

The values exported are the midpoints of each segment, the X-Y-Z values and the hole ID. The Snowden Supervisor and Isatis 3D points formats also include the interval length, when the interpolant has been created from drillhole data.

In each case, you will be prompted for a filename and location.

You can extract interval midpoints from drillhole data and then export them from the Points folder. See Extracting Interval Midpoints from Drillhole Data for more information.