Importing a Variogram Model

Leapfrog Geo can import spheroidal variogram models exported from Snowden Supervisor. The settings that can be imported are:

  • The anisotropy settings in the Trend tab
  • The Nugget, Sill, Base Range and Alpha settings in the Interpolant tab

To import a variogram model, first create an interpolant. Next, right-click on the interpolant and select Import Variogram Parameters. In the window that appears, navigate to the folder that contains the XML file and select it. Click Open. The interpolant will be updated with the parameters in the XML file.

The imported variogram model overwrites the parameters in the interpolant, which cannot be undone. If you wish to save the original settings, make a copy of the interpolant before importing the new parameters.

Once the interpolant has been updated, you can edit it further as described in Editing a Numeric Interpolant.