Elevation Grid Export

For any mesh in a project, you can export an elevation grid for use in other software. Formats Leapfrog Geo can export are:

  • ARC/Info ASCII Grid (*.asc)
  • ESRI.hdr Labelled (*.bil)
  • ENVI Raster Image (*.img)
  • Surfer ASCII Grid (*.grd)

If you have the Maptek Link module, you can also export an elevation grid in VULCAN v7 .00g format. Contact Customer Support as described in Getting Support for more information about licensing this module.

To export an elevation grid, right-click on the mesh and select Export Elevation Grid. The Export Grid window will appear:

The Snap to Grid option changes the extents of the exported grid so that they coincide with the elevation grid spacing.

Enter the information required, then click Export to enter a filename and choose a location and format for the file.