Contour Lines

You can create contour lines from surfaces in the project and export those contour lines to GIS packages.

Creating Contour Lines

To create contour lines from a surface, right-click on the Cross Sections and Contours folder and select New Contour Lines From Surface. In the New Contours window, select the surface to contour from the dropdown list. Adjust the Contour Spacing, if required.

If you want to offset the contours by a vector, enter a Contour offset value.

Click OK to generate the contours.

The new contours will appear in the project tree under the Cross Sections and Contours folder.

You can edit the contours by double-clicking on them.

Exporting GIS Contours

To export a contour lines object, right-click on the contour lines in the Cross Sections and Contours folder and select Export. Select whether or not to export the contours in 2.5D format, then click Export. You will be prompted for a filename and location.