Adding Data to Surfaces

Many surfaces can be refined by adding points, structural data, GIS data and polylines. If a surface can be modified in this way, an Add menu will appear for the object when you right-click on it in the project tree. For example, the Add menu for this contact surface shows the data types that can be used to refine the surface:

Select the type of data you wish to use to modify the surface. Leapfrog Geo will display all the suitable objects in the project. Select the required object and click OK. A hyperlink to the added data will appear under the surface in the project tree. The added data can be removed from the surface by expanding the surface in the project tree, then right-clicking on the hyperlinked data object and selecting Remove.

Contact Honouring

In Leapfrog Geo, surfaces can be created from drillhole data, points data, structural data, GIS data and polylines. When surfaces are created from several different objects, it may be desirable to snap the surface to some data objects but not to others.

There are several options for snapping surfaces to data:

  • Off. The surface does not snap to the data used to create it.
  • All data. The surface snaps to data within the Maximum snap distance, which includes drillhole data and any data added to the surface.
  • Drilling only. The surface snaps to drillhole data and data objects derived from drillhole data within the Maximum snap distance but not to other data used to modify the surface. For example, the surface will honour points data derived from drillhole data, but not points data imported into the Points folder.
  • Custom. The surface snaps to selected data objects within the Maximum snap distance.

For example, here the Snap to data has been set to Drilling only for a mesh created from multiple data objects:

Note that the only object Snap is enabled for is the contacts derived from drillhole data.

Here, Snap to data has been set to Custom, which makes it possible to enable Snap for only the data objects required:

In Leapfrog Geo, the snap settings for different types of surfaces can be controlled as follows: