Adding Height Data to the Topography

When creating the topography, it is not necessary to decide on a single source of information, as information can be combined. Once the topography has been defined, additional height data can be added by right-clicking on the topography and selecting from the options available:

For points, surfaces and GIS vector data, you will be prompted to select from the data sources available in the project. For an elevation grid, see Importing an Elevation Grid.

All data objects used to define the topography will appear under the topography, hyperlinked to their parent objects:

When you have added data to the topography, you may need to enlarge the topography extents. See Topography Settings.

To remove data objects from the topography, either:

  • Delete the object from the topography. To do this, right-click on the hyperlinked object and click Remove.
  • Delete the object from the project. If you choose this option, consider carefully the effects on other objects in the project, as once an object is deleted, it cannot be recovered.

When the topography is defined from multiple objects, you can set the resolution of the topography by double-clicking on it. See Topography Settings.