Topography Display Options

To display the topography in the scene window, either:

  • Right-click on the topography in the project tree and select View Object.
  • Click on the topography object and drag it into the scene.

The topography will be displayed in the scene window and in the shape list:

The topography object in the shape list provides additional controls that can be used to change the way the topography is displayed and highlight features of interest. For example, selecting an imported map from the dropdown list results in it being displayed draped onto the topography:

The dropdown list is organised into:

  • Views. This contains options for creating and editing custom topography views and also lists any views already defined. With custom topography views, you can view multiple GIS objects, maps and contours. See Custom Topography Views for more information.
  • Maps and Photos. This lists all images stored in the GIS Data, Maps and Photos folder.
  • GIS objects. This lists all GIS data objects stored in the GIS Data, Maps and Photos folder.