Topography From Surfaces, Points or GIS Vector Data

To create the topography from a surface, points or GIS data, first import the data into the project.

  • Import surfaces into the Meshes folder.
  • Import drillhole data into the project or points data into the Points folder.
  • Import GIS vector data into the GIS Data, Maps and Photos folder.

Next, right-click on the Topographies folder and select one of the New Topography options. A list of suitable objects available in the project will be displayed. Select the required object and click OK. Enter a name for the topography and click OK. A hyperlink to the source object will appear in the Topographies folder under the defined topography.

Once the topography has been defined, additional height data can be added by right-clicking on the topography and selecting from the options available. See Adding Height Data to the Topography for more information.

See also Topography Settings.