The Datasets Browser

Together, the Active Imagery panel and the Workspace browser are referred to as the Datasets Browser. You can resize each panel to control what information you are displaying by dragging the resize control between the panels:

Clicking on the resize control will collapse one panel to display more information in the other panel.

The Imago demo site opens with a workspace and dataset selected showing a collection of drillholes. Clicking on the back arrow next to the current dataset name browses outward to show all the datasets in the current workspace. The demo site contains four datasets to help you explore the Imago Portal:

  • Blackfly Exploration
  • Firefly Resource Development
  • Grasshopper Mine Production
  • Leda

If you have an Imago Enterprise licence, you can create multiple workspaces and group them into workspace folders. That is the case for the Imago demo site, and by clicking on the Browse Workspaces title bar, you can view only the datasets in the selected workspace: