Imago Help and Resources

Imago is a cloud-based platform for managing high volumes of geoscientific imagery by capturing, cataloging and connecting core and chip tray images with geological models.

On this page you will find useful information to help you get started, wherever you’re using Imago in your workflow.

Signing In to the Imago Portal

To sign in to Imago, visit

There are two ways to sign in to Imago:

  • Via Imago ID, which has been the usual way to sign in to Imago
  • Via Seequent ID, which was introduced in November 2023

If your organisation is migrating to using Seequent ID to sign in, you will receive an email invitation. See Migrating to Using Seequent ID below.

If you have not received an email invitation, you can continue signing in to Imago using your Imago ID.

Switching Subscriptions (Seequent ID Only)

If you are signing in to Imago via Seequent ID, you may have access to more than one subscription. If this is the case, you can switch between subscriptions using the dropdown menu at the top of the window:

When you sign out of Imago, the last subscription you were working in will be the one displayed when you sign in again.

Migrating to Using Seequent ID

When you receive an email inviting you to sign in to Imago with a Seequent ID:

  1. Be sure to sign out of Imago, if you are currently signed in.
  2. Follow the instructions in the email to create a Seequent ID, if you do not already have one.
  3. Visit and sign in using your Seequent ID.
  4. Check to ensure you have the workspace and capture profile permissions you expect.

When you first start signing in using Seequent ID, your old Imago ID will remain in the system. Over time, your Imago admin will remove your old Imago ID credentials.

Signing In to Imago Applications

Sign in to Imago applications such as Imago Capture X, Imago Mobile and Imago Connect using the same ID you use to sign in to the Imago Portal.

  • If you have switched to using Seequent ID to sign in to the Imago Portal, sign in to these apps using your Seequent ID.
  • If your organisation has not yet migrated to using Seequent ID, continue signing in to these apps using your old Imago ID.

Administering an Imago Subscription

If you are new to Imago and are setting up your organisation’s Imago subscription, see the Imago Subscription Setup Guide. For more detail on Imago admin functionality, see the Admin Reference Guide.

Before getting started, make sure you are familiar with how information is organised in Imago. Resources that will help you with this are:

Capturing Images

Seequent Imago has two applications for capturing images, Imago Capture X and Imago Mobile.

Imago Capture X

Imago Capture X manages image capture workflows in the core shed so high resolution image data is captured right into your Imago subscription. See the Capture X Getting Started Guide in this help.

Visit MySeequent for the latest version of Imago Capture X.

For Capture X support, visit MySeequent and search for “Capture X”.

Imago Capture Mobile

Imago Mobile provides field workflows for capturing geoscience imagery direct to your Imago subscription.

Visit MySeequent for the latest version of Imago Capture Mobile.

For Capture Mobile help and support, visit MySeequent and search for “Capture Mobile”.

Imago Connect

Imago Connect is a connectivity toolkit including workflows for export and programmable interoperability for automation and batch operations.

Visit MySeequent for the latest version of Imago Connect.

For Imago Connect + Tools help and support, visit MySeequent and search for “Connect + Tools”.

Imago Platform Updates

Visit MySeequent for information on the latest Imago platform updates.

General Information on the Imago Platform

To find more general information on the Imago platform, visit and search for “Imago”.

For detailed information on the features and benefits of the Imago platform, visit the Imago product page on