An Overview of Leapfrog Works

This topic provides an overview of the different parts of the Leapfrog Works window, which is divided into three main parts:

The Project Tree contains all the data in the project and tools for working with that data. When you want to change how this data is used in the project, work with the objects in the project tree. See The Project Tree.
The Scene View tab displays a 3D representation of selected objects from the project tree. Changing how you view objects in the scene window does not change those objects in the project tree. See The 3D Scene.
Tools for changing the appearance of data in the scene window are available in the shape list and the shape properties panel. Changing the appearance of these objects does not change those objects in the project tree. See the Visualising Data topic.

You can add objects to the scene window by dragging them from the project tree. You can temporarily hide them in the scene or remove them altogether using the controls in the shape list.

Leapfrog Works is unit-less and adopts the units used in the data you import. For example, if your imported data is in metres, the units displayed will be metres, and figures such as resolution, measured distances and slicer thickness will be in metres. It is important, therefore, to be consistent in the units used in the data you import. If you are importing data that uses different coordinate systems, you will need to pre-process the data so that it is using the same coordinate system.

You can record the coordinate system used in a project in order to communicate this to the wider team. See Recording a Coordinate System in the Managing Leapfrog Works Projects topic.

When you open a Leapfrog Works project, the project is displayed in the state it was in when it was closed.

Keyboard Shortcuts in the Main Window

Use the Tab and Shift+Tab keys to move between the different parts of the main window in the following order:

  • Project tree
  • Scene toolbar
  • Scene window
  • Shape list
  • Shape properties panel
Key(s) Action
F8 Maximise scene, minimise project tree and shape list. Press F8 again to restore.
Ctrl+1 Activate the Select tool ()
Ctrl+2 Activate the Draw slicer line tool ()
Ctrl+3 Activate the Draw plane line tool ()
Ctrl+4 Activate the Ruler tool ()
Ctrl+\ Split the scene view
F10 or Alt L Open the Leapfrog Works menu
F11 Open the Seequent ID menu
F1 Open Leapfrog Works help
Ctrl+Q Quit Leapfrog Works