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Oasis montaj is ideally suited for today's multidisciplinary and collaborative exploration. You can access all your data and a powerful set of mapping and analysis tools within one dynamic 3D exploration environment. Process, map, QA and interpret your ground and airborne survey geophysics, geochemistry and geology data.

In order to get started, there are some first steps to carry out, which are outlined below:

Once you have carried out these steps, see an Overview of Oasis montaj for a description of key components and features and take a Tour of Oasis montaj to help you get started.

Software and Hardware Requirements

For recommended hardware and software requirements, go to Oasis montaj and Target System Requirements.

Seequent ID

Your Seequent ID is your business email address. Along with your password, Seequent ID will provide access to MySeequent Support, the gateway to an integrated and connected environment where users seamlessly share, save, and collaborate. This secure user portal will give you tailored access to all the information you need, ranging from knowledge base articles to product downloads and access to a community of fellow users.

The Seequent ID is the only sign in you need to remember when accessing your Oasis montaj application and online services, including updates, support resources, VOXI Earth Modelling, and Azure Maps services.

When you install a Geosoft desktop application (version 9.0 and up), you will be required to sign in with your Seequent ID. In addition, a licensed application will require a subscription.

Contact Support Request if you need to go back to version 8.5 (you will need to uninstall your current version and re-install 8.5 to use the License Key again).

To create a Seequent ID:

  1. Connect to the internet and open a browser (note that Internet Explorer 8 is no longer supported).

  2. Go to Create an ID web page.

  3. Enter your information as required and then click Create an ID.

  4. It is advisable to use your business email for your Seequent ID. If you already have a Seequent ID, you will not be able to register again with the same email address. You will get a message that says "The given email address already exists." If you have forgotten your password, you may need to reset it.
  5. Once you have registered, the Seequent ID Service will immediately send you an activation link to the email address you provided (within 20 minutes).

  6. When you receive the activation email, use the Click to Activate link to activate your Seequent ID.

To learn more about Seequent ID visit

Seequent ID and Seequent Connector

Before opening your application, you will be prompted to sign in with your Seequent ID. Seequent Connector is the service that handles the authentication and authorization required to run your application. You will use this service to sign in to your Seequent ID from your desktop when you are connected to the internet.

Seequent ID replaced Geosoft ID in October 2019. If you have a Geosoft ID that you have not updated, you will need to reset your password and your Geosoft ID will become a Seequent ID.

Seequent Connector replaced Geosoft Connect in November 2020. If you have Geosoft Connect installed, you will need to update to Seequent Connector and sign with your Seequent ID. To download the latest Seequent Connector, visit How do I sign in to run my Geosoft Application?

Check the topics under the Seequent Connector section to learn more about the options available with the system tray application.

Install Oasis montaj

You can download the latest version of Oasis montaj from MySeequent Products.

You must install Oasis montaj while logged on as Administrator and users must have Power User privileges to run the system. Contact your local IT administrator to obtain the required privileges.

To use the internet capabilities in Oasis montaj, you will need to install Internet Explorer 9.0 or later. This does not mean that you need to have Internet Explorer as your default browser; Oasis montaj just uses the internet connection technology supplied in IE9 to connect to the internet.

Oasis montaj requires some standard settings (SET GEOSOFT, SET GEOTEMP) as well as inclusion in your DOS path. If these settings do not already exist (i.e. from a previous installation), they will be added automatically on setup.

Sample Data

Sample data is provided for you to use when learning new software and working through the online Guided Learning Paths. These data files can be found in your %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Geosoft\Desktop Applications \data folder. We recommend that you copy this data into a separate “working project" folder prior to opening and manipulating the data. Thus, you will maintain the clean original copy.

If these data files are not currently available, you can install them.

To install sample data:

  1. In Control Panel, from the list of installed applications, select (highlight) "Geosoft Desktop Applications", right click and select Change.
  2. In the Change Installation dialog, select Add or Remove Applications, and then select Geosoft sample data.
  3. Click Add or Remove.
  4. The sample data will be installed in the %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Geosoft\Desktop Applications \data folder.

Configure Oasis montaj Settings

Before you start, you may want to configure your Oasis montaj settings. For a description of the settings you can work with and change click here.