Security Groups (Enterprise Licence Only)

If you have an Imago Enterprise licence, you can create security groups to help you securely manage how much access users have to your Imago subscription. The advantage of setting up security groups is that you do not need to manage workspace permissions and profile assignments on a user-by-user basis. With security groups, you can instead assign multiple users to workspaces and profiles all at once.

When you have an Enterprise licence, there will be a Groups tab in the Users window. This topic describes how to manage security groups in the Imago Admin Portal. It is divided into:

See the User Roles, Application Access and Permissions topic for a description of how what effect the different options have on how users work with Imago.

Creating a Security Group

To add a new security group, click on Users in the sidebar, then on the Groups tab (A). Click the Add Groups button (B).

In the window that appears, enter a name for the security group, then enter the users you wish to add to the group. Clicking the Add Group and Users button saves the group, and you can then assign workspaces and permissions to the group members.

Assigning Security Groups to Workspaces

To assign a security group to a workspace, click on the workspace you want to assign a security group to, then click on Advanced > Groups:

See Managing Workspace Security Groups (Enterprise Licence Only) in the Workspaces topic for more information.

Assigning Security Groups to Profiles

To assign a security group to a capture profile, click on the profile, then click on Advanced > Groups at the bottom of the window:

See Managing Profile Security Groups in the Capture Profiles topic for more information.

Deleting a Security Group

To delete a security group, click its delete button () in the Groups list. You will be asked to confirm your choice.